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October Special Classes


NEW!! Monday Class Starts October 12th

GENTLE SLOW FLOW with Karen Sedlazek, RYT


Drop-in $14 or use your regular class card

This 60 MINUTE class is for all levels of practice and abilities and is especially great for beginners or those searching for the therapeutic benefits of yoga. This soothing gentle practice focuses on moving slowly into basic yoga poses while using the breath as a tool to remain present and mindful. Expect lots of stretching and lengthening and finally, relaxation that will leave you feeling great.



2 REIKI EXPERIENCE classes this month! with Donna and Terry Pollin, Reiki Masters

Friday, October 2nd, 6:00-7:15pm  

Wednesday, October 28th, 7:30-8:45pm

Please preregister  $18 per class

Align your body, mind and spirit in this soothing popular class.  Enjoy a short centering meditation and stretch followed by a series of releasing poses, as Reiki energy is administered.  You will leave filling blissfully relaxed, renewed and restored.


2 MEDITATION classes this month!

MEDITATION: The Power of Cultivating Loving Kindness with Beth Youmans, PhD

Saturday, October 17th, 11:30am-12:30pm. 

Saturday, October 31st, 11:30am-12:30pm

$16…….Drop-ins welcome. Per class. No need to preregister.

Experience a practice that is truly life transforming.  The sessions will include instructions and experience in mindfulness meditation and Loving Kindness meditation.  Becoming aware of our mental habits we often discover how judgmental and negative we are.  Mindfulness quiets the mind while Loving Kindness meditation allows us to be kinder (less critical and more accepting) of ourselves and others, developing a comfort and ease with life. 

You do not need to be an experienced meditator.  Bring an open mind and leave with an open heart. 



2 YOGA ON THE ROLLER classes this month!  With Ana Giametta, RYT

Sunday, October 18th, 3:30-4:45pm

Friday, October 23rd, 6:00-7:15pm

$18 for the class per class, $16 for the roller (please let us know if you need a roller)

Please preregister, space is limited.

Foam rollers have been used as therapuetic props for a long time and the benefits are many. Rolling improves blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulates the stretch reflex in muscles, reducing pain and increasing the range of motion in virtually all parts of your body. This session will show you how to give yourself a deep tissue massage and relax deeply. No previous experience is necessary. We have a few new gentle rolls for lower back issues.

Not recommended with people with osteoporosis or herniated disks unless you bring a note from your Doctor.

Beginner Yoga,
 New to Yoga?  We have just the classes for you!

Mondays 6:00pm, Tuesdays 7:30pm, and Saturdays 9:30am  

All classes $16 Drop-ins welcome.  Our special 3-class card for BRAND NEW students – 3 classes in 1 month for $33!

These classes are specifically targeted to beginners and encourage students to work within their limitations.  You do not have to be gumby to benefit from yoga! 

Learn the basic poses and breathing techniques and you will quickly understand why yoga has become so popular.  So - be ready to feel great!  

We are a friendly studio with experienced and dedicated instructors. 

If you have some familiarity with yoga you are welcome to join the multi-level classes.  See the schedule. 


Pre-register by email, phone (908-707-0759) or in person at the studio. 

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