Sat*, 9/27, Noon-5pm - Reiki 1 Certification   $150

with Donna and Terry Pollin, Reiki Masters

Become attuned to the practice of Reiki, an ancient hands on healing modality.  Learn the history and hand positions, become familiar with the chakra system, receive and give Reiki.  You will leave certified, in possession of one Reiki symbol, able to give Reiki treatments to yourself, family and pets. 



Sorry, September Roller class has been postponed to a later date. 

Details to follow.


OCTOBER AT YC – save the dates (more to come!)


T’ai Chi Chih   with Janet Oussaty, PhD

Wednesdays, 10/8-11/12, 6:00-7:15pm   $81 for the series.

Experience joy thru movement as we practice the simple and gentle movements of T’ai Chi Chih, a moving meditation.  The purpose of T’ai Chi Chih is to activate, circulate and balance the intrinsic energy of the body known as chi.  Many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits have been reported as a result of this practice.  The full form consists of 19 movements and 1 pose that can be performed standing or sitting.  Individuals of any ability and most any age (preschoolers through centurions) have experienced success. 

Please preregister.              



Family Yoga with Donna and Terry Pollin, RYT

Sunday, 10/5, 12:30-1:30pm $10 per person

Open to kids from 5-75!  Fun for everyone.  A great family activity.  

Space limited.  Please pre-register.



Meditation   with Beth Youmans, PhD

Saturday, 10/11, 11:30-12:30pm $12

Meditation is a simple practice that has life-changing benefits.  Many people avoid meditation because they “can’t stop thinking”.  The good news is that meditation is accessible to anyone, cultivates an open mind, a calm body and a kind heart.  Come experience the power of meditation and learn how to incorporate it into your life.  Beginner and seasoned meditators welcome. 



Happiness:  It’s an inside job!  With Beth Youmans, PhD

Saturday, 10/18, 11:30-1:00pm   $25

Happiness is each person's life-long quest. In this life-changing workshop you will learn about the exciting research on happiness and most importantly how to apply it to your daily life.  Take just 90 minutes to make your life more fulfilling.  You won't regret it.

"There are two ways to live your life: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle".     

Please preregister



Reiki Restorative Yoga with Donna and Terry Polling RYT, Reiki Masters

3 Wednesdays, 10/15-10/29, 7:30-8:45pm.    $49 for the full series; $18 drop in.

This class will align your body, mind and soul.  Props such as blankets, blocks and bolsters will be used to support the body in gentle restorative postures, which will allow the body to open and release in a very gentle way.  As you relax in these calming positions, Reiki energy will be administered adding to your sense of calm and well-being.  You will leave feeling physically open, blissfully relaxed, renewed and restored.  Suitable for all levels.


Roller Class with Ana Giametta, RYT  $18

Friday, 10/24, 6:00-7:15pm

Please preregister

Foam rollers have been used as therapeutic props for a long time and the benefits are many.  Rolling improves blood and lymphatic circulation and stimulates the stretch reflex in muscles, reducing pain and increasing range of motion.   You will experience a deep tissue massage, relax deeply and have the skills to use the roller on your own!  No previous experience is necessary.

If you need to purchase a roller ($18) from us please let us know ASAP.  We will be using a white styrofoam roller (6”w x 36”l) This class is not recommended for people with osteoporosis or herniated discs unless you bring a note from your doctor


Reiki 2 Certification with Donna and Terry Pollin, Reiki Masters

Saturday, 10/26, 1:00-6:00pm

Prerequisite: Reiki I Certification

Move up to the next level. Reiki II practitioners will be opening up to their spiritual side, and receive the power symbols to use in their healing sessions. Distance Reiki will be taught. You will receive the Reiki Level II attunement and have hands-on practice using the Reiki II symbols. 

This class is lead by Reiki Masters Donna and Terry Pollin. Donna and Terry are trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki, the origins of which reach back to Dr Mikao Usui.


 *Preregistration required



Pre-register by email, phone (908-707-0759) or in person at the studio. 

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